Professional Development

All IRWA members are encouraged to partake in Continuing Education courses and opportunities to maintain their professional stature. In addition, there are two professional designations recognized by IRWA for right-of-way professionals.

SR/WA - Senior Member, International Right of Way Association - is the professional designation granted to members who have achieved professional status and education in several of the major right-of-way disciplines.

R/W - Right of Way Certification - is a professional designation granted to members who have achieved expertise in a single right-of-way discipline.

Benefits to You:
- Demonstrates professional stature
- Expands employment opportunities
- Increases potential for financial reward
- Heightens chances for rapid career advancement

Benefits to an Employer:
- Helps identify employees with proven initiative, dedication, and knowledge
- Increases morale by giving employees a sense of direction and continued growth
- Creates a training ladder
- Prepares employees for promotion through multi-disciplined training and examination
- Enhances the status of right-of-way professionals
- Assures continuous update of professional skills through recertification

Symbol of Achievement
Individuals who earn an R/W or SR/WA Designation are authorized to display this designation on individual letterhead, business cards, and other professional forms for increased prestige.

Further Information

Please visit the National Headquarters site for more details on the credentialing process

Or, locally, feel free to contact:

Professional Development Committee
Tim Blumentritt, SR/WA, R/W-NAC