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Feb 10, 2021
New officer bios posted!

Biography for Cristina Hernandez, SR/WA, R/W-RAC

I have over twenty years of experience in the real estate field. Specific experience has been in the areas of project management, acquisition, residential/business relocation, and title work. Currently a Project Manager with the City of Phoenix, managing acquisition/negotiation/relocation for its Public Transit, Streets, Aviation, Neighborhood Services and Water Services Departments. Prior to working for the City, I had the honor of serving as a Project Manager for Acquisition Sciences, Ltd. I have dedicated myself to the right of way profession and have enjoyed hands on experience in all aspects of acquisition and relocation projects. Through my City of Phoenix employment, I have also had the opportunity to volunteer for the City's Community Service Fund Drive which contributes money from fund raising activities and donations for various community charities. Throughout my career, I have provided governmental agencies with project management, acquisition, and comprehensive relocation assistance services in compliance with the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Polices Act of 1970. I am a senior member of the IRWA and hold a Senior Right of Way Designation (SR/WA) and a certification in Relocation Assistance (R/W-RAC) from IRWA.

Biography for MARTHA OJEDA, RWA

Martha Ojeda is a Right of Way Agent with 18 years of experience working alongside Consultant Engineering, Inc. Martha specializes in Acquisition and Relocation and uses her expertise to contribute to the exciting advances in the transportation industry working as a consultant for the Arizona Department of Transportation. Her goal with the International Right of Way Association, is to make a significant contribution for mutual growth and success. During her free time, Martha enjoys reading, traveling and learning new languages.

Biography for JOHN GAFFNEY

I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and was raised in Glendale, Arizona for most of my life. I attended Arizona State University from 2011 to 2015. I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in Health Science. During my time at ASU I was fortunate enough to gain my introduction to Real Estate. I was hired on as a Leasing Consultant for The Met, a privately owned apartment complex in the heart of Downtown Phoenix, where I worked for three years. At the beginning of 2016 I was hired by the Maricopa County Assessor's Office, where I worked for almost four years. During this time I was introduced to a different side of Real Estate, property taxes. I was able to work my way through two years of Appraisal courses and gain the knowledge to properly tax Residential Real Estate. I worked on a newly founded team within the Assessor's Office, Desktop Review, which allowed the County to remotely appraise residential communities that had not been valued in over 20 to 30 years, bringing property taxes up to date. In 2019 I was hired by the Maricopa County Real Estate Department, where I currently work, as a Property Management Specialist. I sell excess land for the Flood Control District of Maricopa County and Maricopa County Department of Transportation, as well as assist with other projects, such as leasing, Right of Way and easements. I am constantly learning about the multifaceted world of Real Estate and Right of Way, how they intertwine and am excited to take my previous knowledge forward with me, applying it to my career in the future.

Biography for DAYMARA CESAR

Daymara Cesar is currently the Assistant Program Manager at OPC Services. A right of way company (ROW) with 40 years of experience in ROW services. In this capacity, she assists with the overall programmatic management of ROW programs. Some of her responsibilities lie with managing program structure, resources, prioritization, and program execution throughout the duration of projects. Prior to joining the ROW industry, Daymara was the CEO and founder of Universal Transportation Network Incorporated (UTN, Inc.). A small engineering firm offering transportation/traffic engineering in the Arizona and Texas geographical regions. She served in this capacity for 5 years. In addition, Daymara spent 16 years working as a civil engineering serving in different capacities for a wide range of projects within the transportation/traffic civil engineering industry for public and private clients ranging from $20K to $2.0M. Daymara graduated from Arizona State University (ASU) with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Civil Engineering. She then continued to earn a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) with emphasis in Market Finance along with a post-graduate certificate in Entrepreneurial Studies and Small Business Management from Keller Graduate School of Management.