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October 21-22, 2019
Course 100 - Principles of land Acquisition
This course outlines real estate law terms and concepts. Participants will gain awareness of environmental issues, learn the methods of acquiring and transferring title to realty, three views of engineering plans and the fundamentals in property description systems. Topics also include the requirements of a valid contract, information on easements, deeds, leases, the appraisal process, successful negotiations, and relocation requirements involved with property acquisition and management.

Course Level:

- Real property law concepts
- Acquisition / negotiations
- Property descriptions
- Relocation due to acquisition of real property interest
- Environmental concerns
- Appraisal of real property
- Asset (property) management

Course Tuition Includes:
- Participant Manual
- Principles of Right of Way Textbook (desk reference)
- Engineering Tools (engineering scale, protractor and straight edge)
- Real Estate Dictionary

Who should take this course:
This course is geared toward the new right of way professional with little or no experience in the right of way field, individuals specializing in a specific area and right of way managers desiring a refresher course.

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