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Tues., August 7th - August 10th, Phoenix, AZ
Course 421 - Valuation of Partial Acquisitions

Course Description:
Participants will learn how to determine and appraise the larger parcel, techniques for appraising the part acquired, identifying and measuring various types of damages and how to value the remainder after acquisitions. The course introduces ways to handle special benefits and explores the before and after approach (how, why and when), and includes numerous exercises and case studies to aid in understanding.

Members- $755
Non-members - $935

- Review of the basic principles and the valuation process
- Utilization of both Federal (Before and After) Rule and the State (Summation) Method in the valuation of partial acquisitions - Allocation of the partial acquisition compensation among its components (i.e., value of the part taken, damages to the remainder, benefits to the remainder, cost to cure)
- Application of various methods to analyze and quantify the impacts of partial acquisitions on remainder properties
- Analysis of both temporary and permanent easements and valuation techniques
- How to become a better expert witness

Course instructor:
Jeffrey D. Swango, SRA, SR/WA, R/W-AC is a certified general, senior real property appraiser with the Real Property Services Dept. of Pima County in Tucson. A third generation appraiser, he earned a Bachelors degree from the University of Arizona in 1990 and has been appraising for 18 years 11 of which were in private practice in a family run appraisal company begun in 1959 by his grandfather, Vern W. Swango, MAI, SRA, CRE and continued by his father Dan L. Swango, Ph.D., MAI, SRA, CRE, FRICS. Regular assignments include right of way appraisals for a variety of properties throughout the county including single family residences, land, and commercial parcels, review appraising, and budget projections. Jeff has authored several articles that have appeared in Right of Way magazine and other related professional appraisal publications. He enjoys the tremendous variety and the more difficult assignments where theory and methodology are often challenged.

Course Coordinator:
Mrs. Karen L. Williams, SR/WA
Real Estate Analyst
Arizona Office of the Attorney General
1922 W Highland St
Chandler, AZ 8522
Phone: (602) 542-8857; Fax: (602) 542-3646

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City of Tempe - Westside Multi-Generational Center
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Tempe, AZ, 85281
Fax: 480-858-2400
Participant Capacity: 20