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Opening - APS - Land Agent II
Arizona Public Service is seeking a Land Agent II / Senior Land Agent who will complete project assignments involving negotiating and acquiring all private, governmental and/or tribal land rights necessary for construction, operation, maintenance and protection of company generation, transmission, distribution, communication and other operational facilities. The Agent will research various APS and publicly available records including deeds, easements, leases, service line agreements, licenses, permits, land use agreements, ALTA surveys and plats to determine and/or confirm state, federal and/or tribal right-of-way compliance. Agent responsibilities will include: preparation of acquisition documents, transmittal letters, legal descriptions and applications for permits; coordination of submittals to appropriate municipal, county, state, federal and/or tribal agencies; and relationship management with stakeholders. Agent may also be responsible for obtaining compliance with federal regulations including, but not limited to the National Environmental Policy Act, Endangered Species Act and National Historic Preservation Act; state laws including, but not limited to Arizona Native Plants; local and county requirements; and agency and/or tribal stipulations.

Land Agent II Minimum Requirements:
AA degree with emphasis in real estate related disciplines and two years experience in right-of-way acquisitions; or a minimum of two years related Utility experience in land-related disciplines including Boundary Control and Legal Principles, and Principles of Right-of-Way Acquisition; knowledge of right-of-way acquisition practices, legal, and real estate principles and practices, and negotiation techniques.

Senior Land Agent Minimum Requirements:
BA/BS degree with emphasis in real estate related disciplines, SR/WA designation in International Right of Way Association, or five years of land agent experience and 30 hours of college level real estate courses or equivalent; in-depth knowledge of right-of-way acquisition practices, survey, legal and real estate principles and practices, siting and licensing process and negotiation techniques.

Our Land Agent will also have demonstrated oral and written communication and interpersonal skills. Candidates for the position must have mathematic skills in algebra, geometry and trigonometry including a basic working knowledge in a Windows computer environment. Previous experience with survey and Boundary Control Principles, legal property descriptions, real estate law, utility engineering/specifications and CAD knowledge preferred.

- Travel may be required.
- Must have valid Arizona Drivers License.

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